PPC: Why is PPC Important in Digital Marketing?

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Pay-Per-Click or PPC as it is more popularly known is an advertising model on the Internet. This paid form of advertising is used to direct traffic to the website. The advertisers have to bid on the keywords that are relevant to their business, for example keyword phrase such as health insurance online is relevant for an insurance advertiser.


So when the user searches for the term health insurance online on a search engine, the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) reveals your sponsored post. If you are ranking ahead of others, you would have to pay more for appearing at the top of the search results. Although PPC is highly competitive and expensive, it is quite popular among digital marketers due to its effectiveness. Here are some factors why PPC is important in digital marketing.

Good for Targeting

You can reach the audience that is searching for your product. This is great for targeting and getting immediate traffic to your page. With the right phrase match, broad match or exact match, you can ensure that the searchers get the exact match that they are searching for. As an advertiser you can respond to that need by providing them the offer for their search query. This ensures that with the right keywords you bring the people who are ready to buy your product to the site.

High Conversion Rates

Unlike SEO that is unpredictable or display ads, PPC results in high conversion rates. Searchers click on these ads as it is highly relevant to what the searchers may be looking for.

You Have Control

Unlike SEO where you have far less control over rankings and relevant site visitors, PPC offers more control to the digital marketer. A highly controlled bid management system with creative copy and budgeting can be controlled. Moreover, Google Adwords allows you to see the clicks to the site, actual sales, etc.

Helps in Branding

PPC helps in exposing the brand’s name and message out to prospective customers. This allows the end customers to quickly spot your brand and identify it.

It is Quicker

Unlike SEO where you page takes time to get indexed, PPC through search engines like Google allow you to bring the people searching for a keyword to your site quicker.

You Can Advertise Globally

PPC allows you to target customers in different cities, regions and cities. This allows you to target and reach a wider audience.

There are many factors that many business owners neglect while running PPC ads. This includes the quality of the ads and how the campaign is executed. While you can always do it on your own, ideally you should have an expert set up the campaign and manage it. The expert will tweak your ads, try new PPC keywords, refine landing pages, split ad groups and optimize your campaign when needed. Managing new campaigns regularly is the only way to ensure that they stay effective.



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